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How to Read Level 2 Time and Sales, Tape Reading - Day Trading for Beginners 2020

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Time stamps:
1:34 What is Level 2 Market Depth
5:13 What is Time and Sales (tape)
7:35 Adding and Removing Liquidity from the market
9:15 How to get good at reading Level 2 and time and sales
10:25 What to look for on Level 2 (Order stacking \u0026 Hidden Orders)
14:52 How to use the stock chart and Tape together

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How to Read Level 2 Market Depth:
The montage window show the pending orders waiting to get filled. In Level II you'll see bids and asks, exchange routes, order size to buy and sell.
-L2 Bids are the buyers
-L2 Asks or Offers are sellers
-Colors: No meaning, but can show buyer or seller stacking orders
-Exchange routes: where the orders are sent from

How to Read Time and Sales or Tape reading:
T\u0026S show real time orders from Level 2 that got filled.
-Red prints are orders filled on the bid side
-Green prints are ordered filled on the ask

Using the chart, Level 2, and Time and sales together can tell you when a stock is selling heavy, order stacking, hidden sellers or buyers.

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Humbled Trader : Do you use Level 2 and T&S when trading???
Get my FREE Trading Journal + Weekly Stock Picks:
Trader2day : Great Educational advise Humbled Trader.. Personally i trade with the Tape sales ticker.. I get free We Bull Level 2 but find it just a big wish list by the buyers and sellers.. I owe you a coffee now. Thank You. :) Cheers
wing ho chui : Thanks for your sharing!
David Espinal : Why does the exchange matter? Couldn’t you just trade with the order sizes and bid/asks?
Himanshu Dave : nice video
Relaxation Soundz : Very knowledgeable and provides valuable information
Dinakar Jayarajan : Useful info. Why do care about the exchange?
Sommai Patitungkho : very nice
prateek goud : I have never seen a person using a mouse like that. Is that special for stocks? Or its just fancy mouse
Jeff Bradley : I really just need only 5 people who would be interested in my broker,,,, I have made a lot from her this past few months

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luigi epifani : Veri nice i understand all
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Mohammad Sulaiman Rasooly : Thanks for your useful and attractive pronunciation and helpful story.
Mohammad Sulaiman Rasooly : Thanks for great efforts, interesting Enough learning story class.
Mohammad Sulaiman Rasooly : Thanks for your hard efforts, useful story for English learning.
Maria Alvarenga Alvarengs : Thank you for sharing this, i loved it, the guy who reads has a nice voice,
GezzyHD : The first one is little bit scary :D but nice story.
frank : Viva la figa
Erjon Ago : poor boy
Homer Simpson : 22:00




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